​Prescription Glasses

If you have recently had an eye exam and were recommended glasses or you are updating your eyeglasses, its time to check out our eye care center. With recent advancements in technology, there are so many lens materials and designs that many patients don't know what to ask for, nor what to expect from their eyewear purchase. At West Little Rock Eye Care we are known for providing our patients with exceptional customer service. We have a wide selection of frames, and are happy to go through all the options glasses have to offer.

We have created a unique way to walk prospective eye wear buyers through the issues they should address when purchasing eyewear and provide useful information to help them make the best lens purchase to suit their needs.

Aside from prescription eyeglasses we also offer prescription sunglasses, computer glasses, polarized sunglasses or safety glasses, and contact lenses at our optometrist office. We provide the best eye care services.

Contact and visit our optometrist at West Little Rock Eye Care in Little Rock, AR today if you are in need of presciption glasses.


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