Contact Lenses

Millions of people wear contact lenses to help them see clearly. There have been numerous advancements in both lens materials and designs, allowing most individuals to wear contact lenses successfully. As a result, there are more contact lens choices available than in the past. We are the chosen contact lenses supplier that carries hard contacts and soft contacts.

If you have worn contacts in the past but discontinued use due to discomfort or unacceptable visual results, it may be time to revisit your optometrist. Your professional eye doctor will help you select the best option for you based on the health and shape of your eyes, and the type of correction you require.

With contact lenses you will gain better peripheral vision than what glasses give you. Contact lenses are ideal for individuals that are involved in sports or any outdoor activity. If you are just looking for an aesthetic or cosmetic change in your eyes, we also offer a variety of options.

Avoid wearing glasses, contact West Little Rock Eye Care today if you are interested in contact lenses or need a contact prescription.


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